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If you had a workers Compensation Injury, then you may have a medical award for this injury. Since your Injury was In February 2016, you only have two years to get this award. If you don’t know ...Read more

I would recommend speaking with an attorney before accepting any settlement. An attorney can likely negotiate a higher settlement for you.

Regardless of whether a property is vacant or occupied, a property owner needs liability insurance- and your story is a perfect illustration of why. Assuming the worker was injured on your property, u ...Read more

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The Best Evidence to Support Your WEAR and TEAR ™ Workers’ Comp Claim

At Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo, our workers’ compensation legal team provides many services to our clients.  We possess a tireless work ethic, extensive experience, and compassion for all w ... Read more

The Importance of Filing a Thorough and Timely Employee Accident Form

You are hurt at work, and the accident and ensuing chaos may mean that you utterly forget to complete an Employee Accident Form. You suffered an injury while on the job, and you may not believe it is ... Read more

Injured During Work-Related Travels? You May Be Eligible for Workers’ Com

A question that we often hear is whether workers’ compensation covers injuries sustained by individuals while driving to or from work. In the majority of these cases, our response is generally, ... Read more

Can I Still File a Personal Injury Lawsuit If I Am Collecting Workers’ Co

Under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, eligible employees in out state are protected if they sustain a serious work injury. The Act is written in such a way that almost every employee ... Read more

Wear and Tear Injuries in the Workplace: An Overview for Employees

Many of New Jersey’s employees who suffer from WEAR and TEAR™ injuries assume – incorrectly – that they are not eligible for workers’ compensation benefits because their ... Read more

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