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What Property Can I Remove From Home I'm Selling, and What "Fixtures" Must Stay?
"Fixtures" are, by U.S. law and tradition, expected to stay with the home. But figuring out what a fixture is can be less clear than one might expect. ... READ MORE

How to Find and Deal With Hidden ("Latent") Defects When Buying a House
What if your potential future home has problems hiding beneath the surface? ... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Waive the Inspection Contingency When Buying a Home?
If you're in a hot real estate market where everyone is bidding high, some buyers consider dropping the inspection contingency from their offer to the seller, so as to stand out from the pack. What are the risks associated with this approach? ... READ MORE

Selling Our House, But Unable to Move Out by Closing Date! What to Do?
If you can't move by the closing date on your home, one important possibility is to ask the buyers for something called a "rent back," allowing you to stay in the home even after the closing. ... READ MORE

Family Giving Me Money to Help Buy Home: What Tax or Other Paperwork Is Needed?
It's legally fine for friends or family to give money to help you buy a home, but there are some documents they may need to prepare for the sake of the lender and the IRS. ... READ MORE

Buyer Backing Out of Purchasing My Home: Can I Keep Earnest Money Deposit?
Whether you, as a jilted home seller, can keep the buyer's earnest money deposit depends both on how the purchase agreement was written and the facts of why the deal fell apart. ... READ MORE

How to Negotiate With the Seller When Buying a Home?
An agent is, by definition, one who acts on behalf of another. Therefore your real estate agent will do most of the actual negotiating in a home sale. ... READ MORE

Buying a House: A Practical Checklist
Overview of the key steps in buying a home, from hiring an agent to closing escrow. ... READ MORE

How to Sell Your House: The Key Steps
From hiring an agent to settling on a price to making disclosures to and negotiating with buyers up to the closing, arranging the sale of your home is a multi-step process. ... READ MORE

How Do I Get a Home Seller to Fix Defects Discovered Prior to Closing?
Who bears the cost of defects discovered in a home before the sale closes? ... READ MORE


Get a Free Evaluation For Your Real Estate Case From a Local Attorney

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Dear A, More information is needed, bt the short answer is, assuming there is a signed contract, you have to pay whatever the contract requires. If no contract then you can negotiate anything as ther ...Read more

Whenever there is a foreclosure or a tax collection suit, the government or the lender will include all potential creditors. While you are listed as a defendant, that does not necessarily mean they ar ...Read more

You still should have received a notice of the mechanics lien. If the subcontractor didn't follow all the parts of the NJ Mechanics Lien Law then you might be able to bet it overturned.  Ed ...Read more

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