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Hire an attorney.  Can possibly show through phone records.  The records won't show the content of the the text but will show if you sent a text at that time. 

You are being charged because you had "constructive" possession.  Meaning the drug was in an area available to you.  Hire an attorney asap to defend.  

yes, although it can depend on the type of case and exactly what the charges are.  Call around, you’ll find someone to work with you on payment of the fee.

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Can I get a new trial, or have it dismissed?

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What will happen if I do not respond to the police and where do I go from h

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Can a detective call your phone and come to your house under false pretense

Q: Me and a co-worker (who threatened me with bodily harm) got into an argument. Then she said I did something to her car and stated there was a video. But the video doesn’t have my face on it a ... Read more

The Biggest Red Flags in Medicaid Fraud Investigations

The NYC Bureau of Fraud Investigation constantly compares the information you put on your Medicaid application and re-certifications with information in a number of other databases. They are looking f ... Read more

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