Top Rated Family Law Attorneys in Florida

Florida Family Law

Skillful guidance from a qualified family law attorney helps Florida residents safeguard what is most important to them during relationship changes and other important moments. Whether you’re going through a divorce, seeking counsel regarding adoption, or are looking to establish a fair prenuptial agreement, sound advice from an experienced lawyer can make a significant positive difference.

People sometimes hesitate to retain the services of a lawyer because they’re reluctant to discuss personal issues or because they believe that they can work out domestic problems on their own. Unfortunately, delaying or relying on information from a source lacking the proper training and background could be very costly. Devoting a small amount of time to identifying a trustworthy attorney puts you in the best position to make well-informed decisions about your future and your children’s.

Understanding Parenting Time in Florida

Since 2018, Florida has used a Standard Parenting Time Plan to shape schedules for parents who live apart. Though this form includes basic language regarding summers, vacations and school holidays, an experienced family lawyer can negotiate a plan that reflects your specific situation and needs. If a question or dispute arises relating to child support payments, your attorney will act promptly to reach a solution so the well-being of your son or daughter is not put at risk.

Need a Florida Family Law Attorney?

Even if you just have a question about matrimonial law, annulment, a premarital agreement or domestic dispute, speaking with a dedicated legal counselor can help you understand your options. Likewise, a family law advocate might also assist with adoption, guardianship, a paternity issue or the modification of an existing order concerning alimony, child support or parenting time.

Each family is unique and so are the domestic challenges that people face. What one divorcing couple thinks is important during a dispute over property division might not matter at all to their neighbors down the street. Parents can differ greatly as to what is in their child’s best interests during discussions of legal custody and residence. Regardless of whether the resolution is reached through negotiation, mediation or in court, having an effective attorney by your side providing personalized advice and advocacy maximizes the likelihood of a favorable result.