will ss disability approve a case if hospital records indicate opiets may have triggered sezier?

Asked on May 22nd, 2013 on Social Security Disability - Michoac√°n
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the hospital stated a bunch of stuff my son never said. there were opiets in his blood test. and they thought he may have overdosed, which wasn't the case. only a vicoden. He fell and hit his head and landed on arm causing compartment syndrom. surgery was required removing alot of mucle. now he may lose his arm. is trying to get medical. and disability.he is in desperate need of medical care.
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Answered on May 25th, 2013 at 8:23 PM
The presence of opiates in a laboratory test of your son's blood or urine will certainly be an element of your son's case.  In March 2013 the Social Security Administration issued a new ruling:SSR 13-2p.  This ruling discusses DRUG ADDICTION AND ALCOHOLISM.  It is generally not favorable to someone applying.  Of course, if this is an isolated incident, it will not be as big a factor. Whether opiates triggered the seizure or not it will be the underlying medical condition that disables your son that will decide the case.  I am sorry for the situation he is in and hope things work out.

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