When apply for SS disability do I have to discolose on the application that I expect to receive a workman compensation settlement?

Asked on Jun 13th, 2012 on Social Security Disability - Illinois
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At my last job I broke my hip and was off for nine months when my company let me go. After being let go from my job I was on employment for a long time. Now that I am off that I find it difficult to find work because of my medical conditions. Crohns, Peripheral Neuroapthy and Osteoporsis.
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Answered on Jun 13th, 2012 at 7:50 PM
Yes, you must disclose that you previously received workers' compensation benefits.  If you applied, and did not reveal this information, it could result in an overpayment of benefits to you.  One of the questions in the application specifically asks about workers' compensation.  There are serious penalties for not being truthful on your application. Follow this link to information on the Social Security Administration website about the impact workers' compensation benefits have on Social Security Disability benefits.  It states: If you receive workers' compensation or other public disability benefits and Social Security disability benefits, the total amount of these benefits cannot exceed 80 percent of your average current earnings before you became disabled. There is a wealth of information for you to review.  It sounds as though you should apply, and it can be done easily at this link.  To find an attorney in your area that handles Social Security Disability law, go to  and click the State in which you live. PLEASE NOTE that an in person consultation is always best when you have a legal problem. DO NOT RELY on information for a legal remedy without having contacted a lawyer. Facts and circumstances of every case have to be applied to the law that is relevant for the state or location in question. NEVER rest on a right or defense you may have. Legal rights are not like wine - they don't improve with age or time. Time limits can completely prohibit recovery. SEEK LEGAL ADVICE IMMEDIATELY. Be sure to visit my website for answers to other Social Security Disability questions. 

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