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Asked on May 03rd, 2013 on Social Security - Michoac√°n
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Found ad on T.V. (Levine and Benjamin) and spoke with Attorney Bimberg who agreed to take my case. Almost immediately I received notice that my case was being referred to another attorney in the firm other than Attorney Bimberg who I originally spoke with.. I was referred to lawyer Jason Steinhelper an associate, who did not call except for once; this being after he received notice that I hired his law firm and that my case had been referred to him.Never heard from him again for months so I called the day before court date. His secretary phoned me on my cell phone as I was en-route and told me he would be there. I was instructed to arrive one hour before court and he showed up 16 minutes before court was to begin. Even then he was not prepared and could not download CD with medical information on it. He sat there pretty much silent throughout.the hearing. I would like to find another attorney but at this point I feel it is pretty much hopeless.
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Answered on May 05th, 2013 at 12:48 PM
Anytime you have hired an attorney, you should report to them or their supervisor if you are not completely satisfied with the service you have received.  I recommend that as your first step. If your hearing has been held and you don't have a decision, do what I have suggested above and wait for the decision.  If it is favorable, you worried for nothing.  If not, you have options.

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