may i try to work on disability without getting taken off of it?

Asked on May 05th, 2013 on Social Security - Pennsylvania
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i feel i may be able to work a day or two a week but if it will interfere with my benefits i would be better off not even trying. i know i cant work full time but maybe part time. i am 62 yrs old
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Answered on May 05th, 2013 at 12:40 PM
What does your doctor say?  Have you discussed this with her/him?  If the answer is yes, make sure the doctor tells you how much "part time work" to try, if any.  If the doctor advises against not working, you have your answer. Earnings may affect your benefits if you are receiving SSI benefits.  In addition, if the wages for your part time work rise to a certain level, SSA will count the month as a trial work period month.   You must report any work activity once you begin to your local social securityoffice.  Document your reporting and do it in writing if possible.

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