Is it possible to collect SSD, when you have been diagnosed with a disability rating of 75%, through the Department of Veteran Affairs

Asked on Jul 01st, 2012 on Social Security Disability - Florida
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Answered on Jul 02nd, 2012 at 4:39 PM
Yes, if the benefits you receive are “service-connected” you may be eligible for benefits from Social Security.   PLEASE NOTE the following:   An attorney-client relationship is not being established because of the information provided above; an in person consultation is always best when you have a legal problem; DO NOT RELY on information for a legal remedy without having contacted a lawyer; facts and circumstances of every case have to be applied to the law that is relevant for the state or location in question; NEVER rest on a right or defense you may have - legal rights are not like wine - they don't improve with age or time time limits can completely prohibit recovery; TO SEEK LEGAL ADVICE IMMEDIATELY go to to find someone in your state. Be sure to visit my website for answers to other Social Security Disability questions.    

No attorney-client relationship has been established because of the information provided. Seek local counsel to address your particular facts. MJHJ

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