I''m on unemployment, I have severe hip arthritus in both (need replacement) I have a walking/sitting problems should I file for disability?

Asked on Aug 18th, 2011 on Social Security Disability - New Jersey
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Had pain problems for years and got laid off but then got severe hip pain - had xrays done and both hips are extremely bad. Always had lower back pain too and I have moderate arthritis there too. Dr said both hips need to be replaced - I am going to get second opnion - should I file for disability? I hear it is very hard to get approved - wondering if I have a good case and if so I will contact a lawyer. I am not sure what to do?
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Answered on Aug 19th, 2011 at 9:46 AM
Contact a lawyer, not because what you have stated is a good case, but it could be.  There are other facts and pieces of information an attorney in your local area will want to discuss with you that are relevant. If you are receiving unemployment benefits, you can still file for disability benefits.  Your lawyer will counsel you on the important steps to take while receiving those benefits. Disability must last 12 months or more.  Your hip replacements may take more than 12 months to recover, so that may be a good case.  Note, however, that if the replacements eliminate the problems you were having, and you are able to return to work, you must report that to SSA, and some very specific rules kick in. Good luck!

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