I receive a check for my son from my SSDI. My EX husband is payee and will not relinquish it, SSDI says my EX is entitled to it??

Asked on Jan 03rd, 2012 on Social Security Disability - Florida
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He is using the $465 I get from disability from the gov''t , as he will not relinquish himself as payee, of my son''s check from MY disability. I even offered to split it evenly if he will allow my mother to be payee on son''s check like he is on mine. Social Security says my EX is entitled to this check, but he he is using it to pay me my state ordered child support and not his money. If I was NOT on disability that check wouldn''t exist. What can I do?? I am willing to split even though I barely make 2 grand a month with alimony and my EX nets over 5 grand a month. Any advice please???
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Answered on Jan 03rd, 2012 at 11:39 PM
Yours is a situation that requires attention from a lawyer. Most lawyers do not charge an initial consultation fee.  If a lawyer helped you obtain the benefits, perhaps she or he would agree to meet with you.  If not, follow this link and find Social Security Disability.  After you click it, the State and City options should be clicked for the closest town that you live. Check the reviews by other lawyers and clients, and find what that will meet with you.  Depending on who the child lives with, changing the payee of the child's benefits may be in order. Finally, you may be headed back to a divorce lawyer.  It is a little difficult to know for sure all of the facts, and this is why I suggest starting with an expert in Disability law.  Hopefully, that will do the trick.

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