I filed for social security disability in 2001 and was denied; recently filed again and have been found disabled. will back pay go back to orig denial

Asked on Sep 30th, 2011 on Social Security Disability - Louisiana
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How far back will retro benefits be paid? Will social security go back to the original denial of 2001?
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Answered on Oct 01st, 2011 at 7:51 PM
My answer to your question is a very general answer as the specific facts, perhaps unknown to you at this time.  All of those facts will be detailed in letters you receive from the Social Security Administration (SSA). You will receive a "Notice of Award" describing how much you will receive and how the amounts were computed. I recommend to my clients that they should keep all such letters from SSA in a safe and secure place. The furthest back your Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits will be paid is twelve (12) months from the date you applied, and no, you probably won't be paid back to 2001. For example, if you applied June 01, 2011, the earliest payment month benefits would be paid is June 2010. If you are also entitled to SSI (Supplemental Security Income) benefits, the first month of payments is the first full month after the date of the SSI application, which in this example would be July 2011. However, the critical piece of information as it relates to you is what date did SSA determine you became disabled? The reason that is important is that there is a 5 full month waiting period after that date before SSDI benefit payments are made. If you were found disabled December 15, 2009, then June 2010 would be your first month of disability payments. Congratulations on receiving benefits that you must obviously deserve.  

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