how do I recieve the rest of my back-pay

Asked on May 08th, 2013 on Social Security Disability - Coahuila
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I was approved for dis-ability in June of 2012. I was found eligible from July of 2011. They said that I would get 2,094 in June 2,094 in April and the rest in August. They only gave me the 2,094 in June of 2012 and said that they don't owe me anything else. I since lost my paperwork and They won't give me the rest of my back-pay. I went to the office in April of 2013 and they said that it was a mix-up and gave me a paper to fill out. I filled it out in April 3 2013 and sent it to the address on the form and haven't heard from them yet. I called in May 8 and they said that they didn't have any form and they don't owe me anything else.
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Answered on May 08th, 2013 at 10:21 PM
Rule #1 - everything SSA sends you is important.  Keep it in a safe place with all other items from SSA, preferably in a water-proof container in a secure place in your home, or where you know it will be safe.  SSA does not keep a copy of the letters that they send to you. Rule #2 - document who, when, how and where you speak to SSA about this issue, and any other. For this problem, send a letter to the local SSA office setting out the problem as you have done here.  In the final paragraph, demand that a new assessment of your backpay be completed and that you be notified in writing.  Hand deliver the letter and get a paper receipt or copy of the letter with a notation from the official that received in the event you have to prove later that you hand delivered it. If the decision is that they owe you no money, and the reasoning or logic or facts are not correct, appeal.

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