Are there any cheap lawyers that will take my case?

Asked on May 09th, 2013 on Social Security Disability - Florida
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All im asking for is tthree-hundred dollars out of the selement for the first sis moaths. No open back surgery pplase
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Answered on May 09th, 2013 at 10:38 PM
Remember, you get what you pay for!  I'm not sure what you mean by a "cheap" lawyer, but it sounds as if you want to "make a deal."  It is not necessary. In Social Security Disability Insurance cases, there are no benefits paid for the first six (6) months after the disability began.  In SSI cases, there can be benefits in the first six (6) months: benefits are paid beginning the month after the Application is filed or the month after the disability began. However, to your rescue comes the "contingent" fee.  Contingent means "only if" the lawyer wins your case is she or he entitled to an attorney fee.  SSA has very strict regulations on attorneys and fees, and caps the fee at 25% of past due benefits or $6,000 - whichever is less.  These payments are after you are approved for disability. So don't sell yourself short.  Get an experienced Social Security Disability attorney in your area.  This link will connect you to all the Florida SSD lawyers.  You can refine the search to your city or town.  Be sure to have a written fee agreement, a clear understanding of exactly what the fee agreement means, and what the lawyer will do for you.   Good luck!

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