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Asked on Apr 04th, 2013 on Real Estate - California
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Deed of trust I do not recall signing one for my home. The hud-1 shows no deed of trust. The banks contract shows no fees for deed of trust, escrow , title insurance, private mortgage and notaries fees. When I check the county records it shows two deed of trust dated for the 15 and the notaries date is 16. I try to find the notaries log book but she never turn them in. The has been trying to foreclose but cant they have try to sue me and at the end they dismiss the case. What can I do?
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Mitchell Reed Sussman (Unclaimed Profile)
Answered on Apr 05th, 2013 at 3:13 PM
Based upon what you have stated, this is a simple matter. You can have the deed removed from the property by an attorney familiar with these types of issues. It will require a piece of litigation to do it, but based on your statements and the fact that they had to dimiss the case against  appears that they do not have the necessary paperwork to support the deed.    More information can be obtained by getting in touch with me through my website:   Mitchell Reed Sussman Attorney at Law

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