When can a F11(family first beneficiary)petition her spouse?Can it be after the visa approval, after entry to the US or later?

Asked on Jul 10th, 2018 on Immigration - Illinois
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Is it safe to marry and apply the I130 for the spouse for a F11 beneficiary that just got the the visa approved or it should be done after the entry to the US? Can the visa in the passport be used as proof of legal permanent resident or I should wait for the physical green card?
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Answered on Aug 05th, 2018 at 9:35 AM
Under the F-11 category as the single daughter over 21 of a US citizen, that is the status that you must maintain until the time that you arrive with an immigrant visa to the US. At that point, CBP would stamp your passport with an immigrant visa entry, and you could then return home and marry your intended. Marrying your intended prior to your arriving in the US with an immigrant visa would make you ineligible for immigration. With the immigrant entry stamp in your passport – not just the visa – you are a permanent resident and can marry your intended. Due to the limitations of the Forums, Alan Lee, Esq.'s (the "Firm") participation in responding to questions posted herein does not constitute legal advice, nor legal representation of the person or entity posting a question. No Attorney/Client relationship is or shall be construed to be created hereby. The information provided herein by the Firm is general, and requires that the poster obtain specific legal advice from an attorney. The poster shall not rely upon the information provided herein as legal advice nor as the basis for making any decisions of legal consequence.  

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