Me and by fiancé have bin together over 3 years how can I help him get his papers he has never bin in the US.

Asked on Mar 13th, 2019 on Immigration - California
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I am from California and he is from Mexico we are both 20 just got engaged. We bin together over 3 years and we are trying to get settle down and make a family but I’m trying to help him out with his paper. What can I do to help him out. Is there anything I need to do? He has never bin in the US.
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Answered on Mar 14th, 2019 at 5:26 AM
If you are a US citizen you can sponsor your fiancé for his green card. If he is in Mexico, he can apply at the US consulate and process the case there or if he is in the US , you can file an adjustment of status here, if he entered the country legally. Processing times are taking a year or more. Counsel anywhere in the USA can help you both.

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