How do i know the reason why my fiance denied visa at the US embassy?

Asked on Feb 01st, 2019 on Immigration - Maryland
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I applied for fiance visa on behalf of my fiance to come to United States so that we can marry here. But unfortunately She was denied the visa at the US embassy where She was to get the visa. When i contacted the concern embassy to know the reason why the visa was refused, they told me the visa has been returned to the USCIS where it was approved for review . When i contacted the USCIS,they told me that they reviewed the visa and they did not see anything wrong with the application and that they did not see anything wrong with the application. When i contacted the embassy to tell the reason for the denial of the visA. They would not tell me the reason. Please, what am i my supposed to do to know the reason for the denial and how to find the remedy for it.
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