How can I get my citizenship?

Asked on Apr 02nd, 2011 on Immigration - California
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I was married in 2006 and applied for green card and obtained it in 2008. My wife left me and I did not file to remove the condition. I re-married again in November 2009 and filed again and received my 2-year green card in April 2010. How soon can I file to remove the condition and to apply for my citizenship? Can I speed up the process or the date of process because I have been here in the states for 10 years, or because I had my first green card four years ago? Thank you.
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Answered on Apr 07th, 2011 at 9:16 AM
You have to file to remove your conditional status before the expiration date of you current Green Card. Your prior time in the U.S. or the fact that you had a prior conditional Green Card does now allow you to file for citizen any earlier.

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