Hello, My question is,What’s the process for applying for a visa for my boyfriend? He lives in the Netherlands!!

Asked on Mar 12th, 2019 on Immigration - Alabama
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My name is Sharon,I’m fourtynine years old. I have never been married,not saying that this will end in marriage. I have not had any luck with dating for many years. All I ever did was work and support my daughter. My daughter is an adult now,she’s very successful and live on her own. At this point I think it’s time for me to start living my life. I’m very aware of the crazy people that you could meet on the internet. To be honest you could very well meet a crazy person in your neighborhood. Last spring my sister told me that I need to start socializing more. She told me I should create a face book page. I went on line and created a page,I received several messages from several men. I wasn’t the least interested,then one day I receive this message from this man named Lance Fred. In the beginning I wasn’t interested, I thought he wasn’t any different from all the other guys on social media. That was nine months ago, since that day we have been in contact by video chats,phone,texting etc.
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