Getting final green card with expired passport

Asked on Feb 15th, 2019 on Immigration - California
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My passport expired in 2017, In Jan 2019 we filed my employment based 485, 130 and EAD with expired passport. I do not plan to renew my country passport at all. I am told by employer attorney that I don't need valid passport for biometrics and getting EAD, but I will need a valid passport for final green card interview. Reading different post, I see that valid passport is no more required, even for final interview, just that I need my old passport showing legal last entry made in USA. My question is, is there any rule change that a valid passport is required during final interview? Or is that the valid passport is not required during the free card interview?
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Answered on Mar 14th, 2019 at 5:48 PM
We are not aware of any rule change that would require a valid passport at the time of an adjustment of status interview. A valid passport is required to maintain nonimmigrant visa status or to travel outside of the country and return, but in our experience is not required for a green card interview.Due to the limitations of the Forums, Alan Lee, Esq.'s (the "Firm") participation in responding to questions posted herein does not constitute legal advice, nor legal representation of the person or entity posting a question. No Attorney/Client relationship is or shall be construed to be created hereby. The information provided herein by the Firm is general, and requires that the poster obtain specific legal advice from an attorney. The poster shall not rely upon the information provided herein as legal advice nor as the basis for making any decisions of legal consequence.  

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