Can the I130 application for my dad be approved and he moves to the US although he has Alzheimer and unable to speak or walk?

Asked on Oct 31st, 2018 on Immigration - Maryland
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I m a US cititzen looking to petition for my sick dad to move in the US so that i can care for him
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Answered on Nov 29th, 2018 at 3:16 PM
I believe that you would find it difficult to have your father come to the U. S. Insofar as the I-130 petition is concerned, U.S.C.I.S. would approve it as long as the relationship can be proved, but he would have to appear for an interview before the American consulate or embassy. The first question would be whether he understands any of the assertions that he is making on the immigrant visa application. Without being able to understand whether he falls under any of the bars such as for crime or terrorism, it would be difficult for a consular officer to pass him on the application. The second question is whether he would be inadmissible because of his condition. The condition is not a ground of inadmissibility, but there is a problem with the financials. Unless you have very high financial resources or a financial cosponsor with such under which you could assure the U. S. government that he would not become a public charge, the visa application would fail on that account. Due to the limitations of the Forums, Alan Lee, Esq.'s (the "Firm") participation in responding to questions posted herein does not constitute legal advice, nor legal representation of the person or entity posting a question. No Attorney/Client relationship is or shall be construed to be created hereby. The information provided herein by the Firm is general, and requires that the poster obtain specific legal advice from an attorney. The poster shall not rely upon the information provided herein as legal advice nor as the basis for making any decisions of legal consequence.

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