I've been married over 7 yrs living in the house owned by my husband only. He's threatening to have me put out. What are my rights?

Asked on Nov 05th, 2018 on Family Law - Virginia
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When we married my husband, I moved to Richmond away from my family and friends. I work at his place of employment. Even though my name isn't on the mortgage, I pay for literally everything else-electric, cable, internet, home security, internet security, groceries, all laundry supplies/anything else that's needed in the home and annual dues for a local social club. I have contributed greatly to this home. When I sold my home several years ago, I purchased a new refrigerator and microwave and I contributed $25,000 to put toward the mortgage. We have no children together. He pays the mortgage and our auto insurance. What are my rights in this situation?? He's trying to force me out.
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Sharon R. Moss
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Answered on Nov 12th, 2018 at 6:58 AM
The house is legally his since you are not on the deed, however, from what you have described, it appears you may have a financial interest in the home, and might be awarded a portion of the equity in a divorce.  If you are unable to support yourself financially if you move out, and you file for a divorce,  you would be able to ask the court for spousal support.  Please discuss the particulars of your situation with an attorney for more detailed advice.

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