Is there a way to deny my husbands extensions?

Asked on Mar 07th, 2019 on Divorce - Florida
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I filed for divorce in November and my husband asked for an extension for his response. We both filled out our affidavits but then we also had to fill out a notice of filing interrogatories and he’s asked for yet another extension. Its going to be already 4 months since I’ve filed for divorce and I feel like nothing has gotten done because he keeps asking for extensions. Can he do this? Is there any way to speed up the process?
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Answered on Mar 14th, 2019 at 10:59 AM
Dear Anonymous:     Time passes very slowly in court proceedings.  However, if you do not agree to the extension, and he has not filed the extension with the court, you can advise him, in writing, that you do not agree and then you can file a Motion For Default for not filing an answer, and a Motion to Compel response to interrogatories if he has not provided the answers to interrogatories.  You can check on line for Florida Divorce help forms    If he file a motion for extension to file an answer (which is really called a Motion for Enlargement of Time) then you should request a hearing on his motion and then the judge will give him a certain amount of days to file his answer.    You will need to check the specific procedures of the judge on your case to determine how to get a hearing date on these motions.  Many counties have this information on line so you should be able to find it there, or at least find a phone number to call the judge's assistant and ask how to set a hearing and get a date.    Good luck to you,     Cindy S. Vova     Law Offices of Cindy S. Vova, P.A.     Broward/Boca Raton      954-316-3496/561-962-2785         

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