How will the court determine the money I will owe my ex wife?

Asked on Jul 15th, 2011 on Child Custody - California
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My soon to be ex wife earned approximately $11.00 more than me prior to the birth of our daughter. She has since shortened her working hours (we work at the same company) yet still makes .50 cents more than I do because of her new schedule. She is adamant about being a stay at home mom (which is her decision and I'm not faulting her.) My question is this, how will the courts factor in the difference when coming up with a amount for child support, (I haven't yet sought legal counself because I haven't been served anything and it has been a month since we physically separated + we're on semi-speaking terms email/texting etc) also, can they force her to go back to work full time?
Answered on Jul 16th, 2011 at 5:50 AM
The court will use as a guide the "Dissomaster" which factors in the income of both spouses, the ability to earn and the percentage of time both parents will have the children, among other factors. "You would be wise to meet with an experienced family law lawyer now and consult with them and they can run different dissomaster options so you have a good idea as to the child support you would be paying.

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