how do I legitimize my daughter she is 26 yrs. old

Asked on Oct 29th, 2018 on Family Law - Florida
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live here in fla. she lives in belize, I want to do this for her. tell me how to do that
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Answered on Nov 25th, 2018 at 1:57 PM
Thank you for your question. By ‘legitimize’ I assume you mean ‘how do you establish your paternity of your daughter’. Perhaps this is for immigration purposes to permit your daughter to immigrate to the US or to have a US passport. I am also assuming your daughter was born out of wedlock and that your paternity of your daughter has not been previously established.  You can file a petition to establish paternity for your daughter in Florida where you reside. If the mother and daughter agree, you can file it as an uncontested petition with everyone co-signing the petition itself. Then, once filed you can set the case for an uncontested final hearing. As she is an adult (and assuming she is not mentally disabled or otherwise not emancipated), your daughter  can join the petition. This should not be difficult.  Of course, if she is married her husband should be made aware of your action.    Good luck.

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