How do I get my son's Father's rights terminated?

Asked on Jan 05th, 2019 on Family Law - Texas
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My son is 9 months old and his father hasn't seen him since he was 6months. We have a court ordered Child support agreement but I have yet to receive a penny. I talked to him about signing over his rights because he is financially unstable, he is on probation and has violated 2x, and he doesn't make an effort to see our son. He said he would consider it. I am getting married and my fiance wants to adopt our son because he has been there since he was two weeks old and sees him as his own. I just want to know how I could get his rights terminated in case he doesn't voluntarily want to do so.
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Answered on Jan 30th, 2019 at 8:55 PM
If the biological father wants to do a voluntery relinquishment of his rights, you could file for adoption and termination. Even if he doesn't sign voluntarily, you could ask the court to terminate his rights because he has not provided support for the child. Depending on the grounds for termination, it might take longer than if he would voluntarily give up his rights so your fiance can adopt.

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