How can my sister get back her guardianship of her child?

Asked on Aug 05th, 2011 on Child Custody - California
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The grandmother of my sister's son has filed for full legal guardianship/custody. There is a current restraining order against my sister and the my sister allowed to appear in court without violating the order? She was not legally served regarding the guardianship, as the grandmother stated that my sisters address was unknown, which is not true. I feel the grandmother is doing this out of spite, which is also why the restraining order is in, she is purposely doing this to gain control, so my sister will not be able to see her own son. The grandmother has not returned my sister's son since his birthday party, 3 months ago - and now with he restraining order, my sister cannot get her son back...there is a court hearing set for August for guardianship. Please tell me what action or legal forms need to be filed in response.
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Answered on Aug 06th, 2011 at 10:42 AM
Yes she may appear in court without violating the TRO. She can call a lawyer or press her luck in the self help center.

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