How can my husband and I be married again after a legal separation?

Asked on Feb 13th, 2019 on Family Law - Florida
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My husband and I filed for divorce in 2017 and later in the process converted it to a Legal separation. This was in Arizona. At the beginning of 2018 we got back together and since then have reconciled our differences. We filed a motion to dismiss that was rejected as it needed to be filed differently. As per Maricopa County Clerk's office we then filed a "Motion to set aside the decree of legal separation/ Motion to vacate Legal Separation". This last one was denied and the Minute entry we received doesn't have any additional explanation. We called the Judge's office and they didn't offer major explanation than to seek legal advice. So, why could our request be denied? is it entirely our decision or the judge can just decide not to. Can we just go to the court house and get married again? Could this be an issue now or in the future? Also, how do we dismiss or eliminate the child support payments as we've been living together for a long time now and not enforcing those.
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Answered on Feb 19th, 2019 at 7:24 AM
You will need to seek legal advise in Arizona, since that is the Court with jurisdiction and Florida does not have legal separation.  If you did not dissolve the marriage and only obtained a legal separation in Arizona, you are still married.  You only need to dissolve the legal separation and an Arizona attorney would be able to advise you on that process. 

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