EX not following MSA terms.

Asked on Feb 04th, 2019 on Family Law - New Jersey
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It was ruled for no child support in my MSA. But I am responsible for 50% of my daughters (school/medical) bills and college (17 years old). With the bills my Ex is suppose to give me bills within 30 days, and me pay in 15 days -if she waits months to give them them to me months later am I still responsible to pay them? Also with College, it says I am suppose to be included in all decisions--she has not included me in anything even though I sent her a message in September that I wanted to be included and all the loans etc we should be looking at for our daughter. She is leaving me out of the loop of everything so far. It also says my daughter must exhaust all options before I have to pay towards college--if she does not do either what am I obligated for. My ex refuses to tell me anything and my daughter does not give much information when I ask.
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Answered on Feb 20th, 2019 at 7:25 AM
Thank you for your question. I truly understand your concern. As to your inquiry about the medical bills, the short answer is that you will likely still be responsible for your share as detailed in your MSA. The answer is not quite so clear in the case of the college contribution, as there is case law in New Jersey that sets forth several factors for the Court to consider when faced with a decision as to whether to require one parent to contribute to college. One of those factors is whether the parent being asked to contribute has been included in the decision making process with regard to college selection, and it seems that you have not been. Every situation is different, and a more thorough discussion of your particular circumstances would enable us to provide a more specific answer to your questions. Therefore, I strongly suggest that you schedule a consultation with an experienced family law attorney who can discuss your situation more with you and provide you additional guidance.

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