Do the years of living apart reduce the length of marriage?

Asked on Apr 05th, 2017 on Divorce - California
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Both my spouse and I are from India. Frustrating marriage of close to 10 years where only I worked. Now, I wanted to go back to India and she filed a divorce case here and asks for alimony based on last year’s income which would make it impossible for me to exercise my right to return to my native country (I have acute Bipolar for which I think the social setup I have there can help. I have aged parents in India who would be happy to have me closer). The first few years of marriage, I was in USA and she in India. For visa purpose as well as differences back then itself. I have a mobile/manufactured home much before the marriage. I did a refinance during the marriage. We lived in this house. Does it impact separate property status? If yes, will it be equal or some other proportion?

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