Can I refuse to pay alimony?

Asked on Aug 04th, 2011 on Child Custody - New York
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I got married to a US citizen in 1997 in the Philippines. I came to US on 1998 and got my green card and followed with my Naturalization on 2002. During our marriage, she has an on and off job( she gets bored staying in 1 job, usually last only 6 to 8 months and then apply for another job after couple of months. She mention demanding alimony if we're divorced. Apparently, my marriage did not work the way it should be. My wife and were separated and no communication since 2004. She lives in Florida and I lived in NY. We do not have children nor asset to divide. If I file a divorce, and if she contest for the reason of demanding a spousal support- do I have the right to refuse of such support? Please reply. Thank you.
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Answered on Aug 06th, 2011 at 10:47 AM
You cannot refuse to pay alimony if it is court ordered. So you should engage a divorce attorney and expect to fight her claims. It appears that she is capable of working and being self-supporting. So that would be something in your favor.

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