can ex reopen child support ruling in MSA if she still makes more money than me--child is 17--It was was awarded 2016 that I do not have to pay

Asked on Feb 02nd, 2019 on Family Law - New Jersey
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Took my ex to civil court as she owes me money for a property sale a year after divorce (disney time share) Judge says we have to go to family court. She says if I take her to family court she will sue my for child support. In our MSA I do not have to pay child support as she make more than me. If we went can this be overturned in family court? I just want the money she owes me as property is in her name and she refuses to pay me.
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Answered on Feb 04th, 2019 at 5:14 AM
Generally, your former wife must prove changed circumstances to do this. If you and she earn about the same as in 2016, she probably can't prove that based on the information you have provided. Edward Zohn, Attorney at Law, 908.791.0312

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