Who can help me solve my doctor suddenly stoping my Hydrocodo prescription

Asked on Mar 14th, 2019 on Elder Law - Michoac√°n
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After having pain meds for from my several surgeries i have always got relief from my Doctor, now their is a new doctor who has suddenly stopped my meds. I understand the problems with type of medicine but iam not a part of that problem. I only get 20 pills a month but i feel violated to be told today its not his philosophy to give this type of pills. He not only stopped my meds he Insulted me. I have had spinal fusion which has led to many spinal injections i have scoliosis and a U shaped piece or metal with screws from a sever collar bone surgery. i was able to stop the injections and my pain with the pills now they are stopped. Please help me if possible. Thank You. David Reckinger
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Answered on Mar 15th, 2019 at 5:05 AM
Have you considered changing doctors?

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