Will I be able to get a lesser sentence or avoid jail time for attempted arson?

Asked on Oct 05th, 2016 on Criminal Law - Texas
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I am very nervous right now. I intentionally set another woman's car on fire to damage it for revenge. As far as I know, I am only being charged with attempted arson. (The state of Texas pressed charges not the victim) I have already been arrested for the charge and bonded out. I am waiting on a hearing or maybe sentencing. Before my arrest I lied to the authorities and said that I did not commit the crime and was elsewhere the night of the fire. After I was shown security footage of myself during the time frame of the crime...I confessed. I have been arrested before for possession of marijuana, I have theft C on my record as well.
Answered on Oct 11th, 2016 at 11:21 AM
You need to hire an attorney. To be honest, you've made a bit of a mess of it. But, your lawyer will have access to the State's evidence, and if there are circumstances that would warrant a resolution that avoids prison or a felony conviction, s/he will be able to pursue that.   And, you shouldn't make any more factual admissions online, or anywhere else. The only person you can safely share that kind of information with, is your lawyer.

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