What will happen if I don’t go to court for shoplifting, false ID, and burglary tools?

Asked on Aug 03rd, 2017 on Criminal Law - California
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I admit I had shoplifted and was sorry for doing it. I felt very embarrassed and humiliated like an idiot. I was very nervous and did not want to go to jail. I was pleading to the prosecutors to just let me go because I did not want to go to jail. I've never been to jail but visited in the jail. That is the only reason I gave them a different name, I was scared. One of the officer of course was interrogating me about these stuff that I took and accused me of using what he called burglary tools, which I call scissors for my nails and these clippers that were my cousin’s. He used to cut his foot nails on. He continued on in asking me if that is what I use these for. He even said I might as well just admit it and take full responsibility for it. I just froze, panicked, shattered and I cried. He even said stop faking it. I told the officer that I'm not faking it. They took me into the police station, took my hand prints even when I already gave them my name and driver’s license all correct. He even took my cell phone and started asking me for my number. I just got it hooked on. Did he really have that right? I was very cooperative and I was just crying because I know I did wrong and just wanted to go home not to jail.
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Answered on Oct 18th, 2017 at 5:10 AM
A warrant will be issued for your arrest. Petty theft is a crime of moral turpitude, and if convicted it will really hurt your school/employment aspirations. You should talk to a lawyer, who may be able to work out a deal with the Judge whereby you can earn yourself a dismissal.

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