My son that is 19 years old received a call today from law enforcement person about questions regarding his friend

Asked on Nov 29th, 2016 on Criminal Law - Texas
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He the officer stated that they are investigating a murder and that his friend was involved in . Now my son now nothing about police or the law and the officer refused to tell me what is going on because the fact my son is grown . I need to know how I can help my son in this process and the to make sure I'm there. With him while they ask him some questions he gets scared and confused easily I don't want no officer to be could or be saying things that could confuse my son . My son also has nothe been around his friend in several months and I get phone records for proof and other witnesses too . So how can I make sure that this officer does what I ask and let's me stay with my son while they question him ?
Answered on Nov 30th, 2016 at 8:38 AM
I would highly recommend you retain an attorney for your son.  Any statements that your son makes could be used against him.  Often, something that appears to be an innocent statement, can end up looking like someone who is not involved, is involved.  Please encourage him to get an attorney to coordinate with the investigating agency.  It will help both of you to sleep better at night. Every criminal lawyer has been in a situation where they represent a client who thought they were only "helping" the police investigate a crime, when, in fact, their new client was the focus of the investigation. Get him a criminal lawyer in your area.

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