Is there a way I could see what evidence was used in a specific trial? And how/where would I find that information?

Asked on Nov 05th, 2016 on Criminal Law - Texas
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Answered on Nov 06th, 2016 at 7:12 AM
If you have a specific cause number, you can see what evidence was admitted by reviewing the reporter's record. Those aren't public record, though. So, you'd have to contact the reporter who handled the trial, find out what the coast would be, and make payment arrangements. You can request ant portion of the record you want. If you're only interested in seeing what was admitted, you can request only the portion of the record indexing admitted evidence. If you want to know what was admitted, and how it fit in to the trial strategy, you would need to review the entire record. There is no other way to get the information you are asking for, too my knowledge (other than asking the lawyers, obviously). 

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