I'm a certified medication aide being accused of stealing narcotics, what should I do?

Asked on Feb 24th, 2016 on Criminal Law - Oklahoma
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I am being accused of stealing narcotics no charges have been filed at this time but my license has been flagged and they are investigating a police detective has called me and asked me to come in should I go in with out a lawyer or wait till charges are filed and not go in at all the strongest thing that I passed at my work was a loratab 7.5 I also did not take anything ever but they say that they have security footage of this incident. What should I do help I have never been in any kind of trouble, the most I have ever done is get a speeding ticket.
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Answered on Mar 18th, 2016 at 5:33 AM
Do not talk to law enforcement without counsel. When you are under suspicion, the police are NOT your friends nor are they your allies. They want you to make it easier to arrest you, not help you.

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