If you are issued a bench warrant for a traffic violation and you pay the fines, will you still go to jail?

Asked on Aug 15th, 2017 on Criminal Law - California
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The violation was for suspended license and no insurance. I failed to appear, but quite some time later, I paid the fines. This got my license reinstated. Fast forward almost 6 years, I think there is no problem and I drive every day back and forth to work. I am pulled over for expired registration. The next thing I know, I am placed under arrest and taken to county jail and held in a holding cell for a whole day. They would not OR me, so I had to pay a bail agent to release me on bail. Will they throw me in jail even though the ticket is paid? I have a family and a great job now. I always had trouble in the past paying everything due to lack of decent employment with decent pay. My wife is disabled and I am the only one who works. This is my biggest fear.
Jeff Fengcheng Yeh
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Answered on Oct 24th, 2017 at 8:11 AM
A misdemeanor cannot be dealt with simply by paying a fine. Court appearance is required. Consider hiring a lawyer to get this relatively minor charge dismissed.

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