How do I get my DUI records sealed?

Asked on Sep 01st, 2017 on DUI/DWI - California
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I am currently being charged for DUI despite never being pulled over the PD arrived almost a half hour after when my car was parked. Initially, my tire blew out sending me to the curb a little and a neighbor ran across the street thought I was drunk driving. The enraged man called the police and where trying to detain me there. The witness driving behind me saw what happened he offered to put on his flashers to guide me to a parking spot in front of his house so I could call AAA. The enraged resident drove to a nearby hospital police station made the campus police come and try to detain me as they had no idea and thought the blow out happened right there where I ended up parking the car, but were just going on his word. They called the police department who arrived later like it was a swat team saying I would have to do a sobriety test for them right there (I was nowhere near the car I dove) as I was a suspect now for DUI based on what the guy told the campus police. It escalated from there as they were trying to now get rid of my witness and because I did not respond fast enough to saying yes for the Breathalyzer. They arrested me. I told them I would take the test they said, "nope! You are under arrest. "I was now in panic mode I do not even recall them reading me my rights. After being so physically restrained I just kept saying yes sir no sir not even hearing them just to make the treatment stop. I was manhandled bruised as they pushed me into the car humiliated by insults by police calling me names. Previously I had, had dinner and 2 drinks which took me 3 hours to eat etc. My last drink was at least an hour before I drove which wasn't even a full glass of wine. I went to the restroom. Then left around 9:00pm. The cops arrived up the street from where I had parked at 10:15 or so he refused to take the witness statement really, the police clearly wanted him to leave. They took me in around 10:35 I was booked, photographed and blood.
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Answered on Nov 05th, 2017 at 4:20 PM
Expungement comes years after conviction, so instead of worrying about that you need to focus your attention on how to avoid being convicted. You need to hire a DUI specialist, and do it soon because you have only 10 days to save your license.

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