can my single misdemeanor charge be expunged

Asked on Mar 16th, 2015 on Criminal Law - Virginia
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19 yrs ago---embezzlement absolutely nothing else on record not even speeding ticket
Answered on Mar 22nd, 2015 at 9:50 AM
Hi There, In Virginia, an expungement can only be obtained if: you are found not guilty by the court (acquittal or dismissal); the charges are withdrawn (nolle prosequi) by the Court on a motion by the Commonwealth; where an individual’s name is used in error; or the individual obtained an absolute pardon from a Virginia Governor.  Because of your conviction, unfortunately, you cannot seal or expunged criminal record convictions in Virginia; it truly is a record for life.  For more information, I published a Guide on criminal record expungements, pardons and restoration of rights, which may be of limited use to you. The link is: Good luck! Susan

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