Can ex file a restraining order on me from 2000 miles away?

Asked on Aug 01st, 2016 on Criminal Law - Western Australia
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My ex up and left two weeks ago and drove 2000 miles away. She has no plans on returning. She left all her stuff at my house. I don’t want it and in my anger for being cheated on, I accessed her Facebook account to verify that she was indeed cheating. I did this once. There is no domestic violence or any threat of harm for either party, but now she says she’s going to take a restraining order out on me. This can potentially hurt me in the future all over. She’s just pissed that I saw what she was doing. Can she do it and do I have any defense in the matter?
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Answered on Aug 31st, 2016 at 6:34 PM
To get a restraining order there must be repeated events that made the petitioner fearful of you. Based upon your statement, this is not the case. You do need to defend yourself in court when she tries to get the permanent order.

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