Can a car be impounded, if the driver has a suspended license, but the passenger has a valid driver's license?

Asked on Aug 29th, 2017 on DUI/DWI - California
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My fiancée' has received a DUI back in 2012. She never took care of it. Recently, she was pulled over and once her license was ran, came back suspended for DUI. She was handcuffed and booked. Now, my older son, 30 years old was with her. He has a valid driver's license. But they wouldn't let him drive the car home less than 3 miles away. Why couldn't he drive the car home? Now we have to do a tow hearing, so the car won't sit for 30 days.
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Answered on Nov 02nd, 2017 at 1:54 AM
Yes it can. Driver's status is key. Passenger is irrelevant.

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