we had a fire in the right front brake system , and the company that fixed it did not do the job right, caused issues for almost a year nowwhat right

Asked on Sep 27th, 2018 on Consumer Law - Florida
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the right front brake line and caused a fire. After we picked it up on our way back home our Emergency brake did not work, then we had that fixed at another place. In June we were in Alabama and all the brake lights came on and we had no brakes again. Had it fixed and the shop that fixed it said when they did the right side they should have replaced all the brake indicators on the left side . All they did was throw brake pads on the left. On July we broke down outside of Kingman AZ. Found out if they had did they job properly in Georgia , ended up that we had a cracked spindle on the right side when it caught fire. Took over 6 weeks to find a part , mean will we were not sure what was going to happen, we rented a small u-haul and took all of our personal belongings out and drove back home, If the Georgia shop had really looked then would have seen the crack they put us in a very very un-safe condition , I am looking for them to pay all the bills we have in-occurred.
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Answered on Sep 30th, 2018 at 11:58 AM
The cost of dealing with a multi state auto repair claim where other shops did this or that to the same system adding further complication is likely cost ineffective. You will likely spend more money, time and effort fight over the issue than its worth. 

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