How can I avoid to pay a improper billing? -

How can I avoid to pay a improper billing?

Asked on Mar 26th, 2019 on Consumer Law - Florida
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I lived some years ago in a condo in Orlando. When I got in, I paid the secury fee and everything as well. When I left the apt in a good condition, nobody never sent me a e mail, or called me or txt me to charge or discuss about maitence or something like that. So, last year, I discover that they charged in about $980... and it is in my credit report. So, I had a lot of problems last year to rent a apartment and I sill having problems. The guys at the condo don t know what’ happened.
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Answered on Mar 27th, 2019 at 3:39 AM
You need to find out what the $980.00 is for specifically. If its clear you dont ow it you might have a collections abuse case. If you do or its debatable. then you have a contract/landlord tenant case and it may be more efficient to pay the money and clear the credit but you can sue to dispute claim in an effort to have them remove it as part of a settlement. 

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