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Asked on Feb 21st, 2019 on Business Law - Michoac√°n
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Hello and thank you for reviewing my situation. I'm the sole proprietor of a Personal Chef Service in Michigan. Upon founding my business, I entered into a contract with another established Personal Chef stating they would refer clients to me in exchange for a 25% weekly commission on the fees I collected. The Chef provided me with two referrals over the last two years and has collected upwards of $15,000.00 in commissions. Having established myself in the area, I no longer require, nor can financially justify, obtaining any further referrals from this other firm. I feel the amounts I've paid, and continue to pay, have long ceased to benefit my business and have become burdensome. My question is, What are my options for dissolving the arrangement professionally and legally? I still provide services for the two referrals and am current in my payments to the firm. The contract that I signed two years ago was created by them and I wasn't provided a copy. Thank you, Matthew Fullwood
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Answered on Feb 21st, 2019 at 6:59 PM
You need to know what the contract says about termination.  Does it have a definite term (e.g, 3 years)?  Does it require no advance notice of termination?  How long?  What does it provide regarding payment for referrals whom you continue to serve after terminating the agreement?  There are some rare situations where contractual provisions may be unenforceable, but in general the answer to your questions depends on what the contract says.  You need to gat a copy, and if the other party refuses to give you one, May have to start a lawsuit to get one. 

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