Asked on Mar 04th, 2019 on Bankruptcy - California
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I have received a summons for an old credit debt. I am in deep debt and am looking for advice to file bk. I have a chapter 7 discharged in August of 2014. I need help. Thank you
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Answered on Mar 05th, 2019 at 10:42 PM
I'm not sure how much "deep debt" is, but you may want to look into filing a Chapter 13 case to deal with it.  Whether it makes sense and how much you would need to pay to your creditors depends on the facts of your situation (your budget, amount of your debts and assets, etc.).  Chapter 13 will offer you the lowest cost way to deal with the debt. If you reside in the Greater Los Angeles Area (other than Riverside/San Bernardino Counties) I am happy to give you a free consultation.

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