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Wills & Probate: FAQ

What is a will? A will is a person's expressed intention of what should be done with his property after he dies. Why must an estate go though court? So that the decedent's affairs can be legally ... Read more

Selecting a Good Wills & Probate Lawyer

When a relative or someone who was close to you has died (called the "decedent") and has left you money or property or has named you as executor of their will, it a good idea to find a lawyer to help ... Read more

Wills & Probate: Preparing to Meet with a Lawyer

It can be a big waste of time for both you and the lawyer if you aren't prepared for your first meeting. Being unprepared may also end up costing you money, because it will take longer for the lawyer ... Read more

Wills & Probate: Meeting with a Lawyer

Treat your first meeting as a business consultation. Dress well and be prompt. Be polite and courteous. You will want to impress the lawyer, just as he or she will be trying to impress you. Gi... Read more

Basic Steps in Mississippi Estate Planning

It is vitally important that adults give estate planning careful consideration. Proper planning allows your loved ones to sidestep expensive, protracted legal controversies and helps ensure that your ... Read more

Guidelines For Hiring A Personal Lawyer

Personal Needs These three tables will help you select a lawyer, prepare to meet with a lawyer and know what to expect in your first meeting with the lawyer. Selecting A Lawyer... Read more

Meet with a Lawyer

When you meet with an attorney be prepared and be ready to ask and answer questions. The attorney will step you through the process, but there are some things you should remember at this stage. Arr... Read more

Online Search For Bankruptcy Attorneys Up In Q2 2008

Lawyers.comSMOnline Search For Bankruptcy Attorneys Up 37% In Q2 2008; Correlates with Rise in Nationl Bankruptcy Filings Consumers' pain points mirror economic issues; more legal help ne... Read more

Select a Lawyer

Selecting a lawyer is a big step and more than a little intimidating. Whether you go with a family friend, a coworker's recommendation or a lawyer online or in a directory, there are a few things you ... Read more

Prepare to Meet with a Lawyer

If you've decided to meet with an attorney then you've accomplished an important first step. Now it's time to make sure that the meeting is as productive as possible and that both you and the attorney... Read more

Americans Look to Ensure Job Protection

Tough economic times and uncertainty about job stability appear to be increasing consumer demand for employment lawyers, an online survey from reveals. One in ten consumers in search o... Read more


When a person dies, two important matters are payment of the decedent's outstanding debts and transfer of his property to those entitled to it. Probate is the court proceeding for settling someone's f... Read more

The Probate Process Takes Time

When someone dies, the property left behind is known as a probate estate. The probate court and the estate's personal representative administer the distribution of estate property to creditors and hei... Read more

Do Retirement Benefits Need to go Through Probate?

Most pension and retirement plans provide death benefits if a person dies before receiving all of his or her benefits. To avoid having those funds go through probate, someone should be named as the re... Read more

Does Insurance Money Need to go Through Probate?

The money that is paid out from life insurance polices to beneficiaries on the death of the insured does not necessarily need to go through the probate process. Probate is the procedure of settling th... Read more

Plan Ahead to Reduce Problems with Probate Issues

When you die, some type of legal procedure is needed to transfer title and ownership of your financial assets to others. The law provides for several ways of doing this, but estate laws differ a littl... Read more

Does Joint Property Need to Go Through Probate?

Whether or not jointly held property (i.e. property held by more than one person) needs to go through the probate process depends on the type of ownership. Probate is the procedure of settling the est... Read more

Do I Even Need a Will or a Trust?

As the years fly by faster and faster, most of us start thinking about what will become of our financial and physical assets when we die. Surprisingly few of us actually do anything about it, however.... Read more

Challenging a Will May Leave You with Nothing

Challenging a will is difficult, but it can be done. You can challenge a will if facts indicate that the will was not properly made or was the result of fraud, mistake, or improper influence on the pe... Read more

When and How to Change Your Will

Once you have a will in place, your circumstances and the law can both change. It can be necessary and beneficial to periodically revisit your will to assess whether you need to make any changes. ... Read more

Wills Top 10

A will is perhaps the best and easiest way to make sure your property and assets go to the people you want to have them after you die. Here's a list of some important things to remember when it comes ... Read more

Keeping Your Will Safe

The proper storage of a will is essential to ensure that the will is accepted by the court after the person who made the will (the testator) passes away. The courts prefer to have the original will wh... Read more

Legal Consequences of Dying without a Will

On July 4, 2009, NFL quarterback Steve McNair was found murdered in a hotel room in Nashville, Tennessee. McNair didn't have a will at the time of his death. In legal jargon, this is known as dying in... Read more

Leaving Someone Out of Your Will

The main purpose for executing a will is to decide exactly who will inherit your property at your death. You can leave family and friends out of your will, and there's not much they can do about it. H... Read more

Necessary Will Provisions

There's a lot of flexibility as to what you put in a will. However, much of the language used in all wills is standard. There are certain elements that need to be included for it to be valid and legal... Read more

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