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Property Insurance and Your Small Business

If you are an owner of a small business, you should consider obtaining property insurance for your business property. That way, if your office or manufacturing plant is damaged in an event covered by ... Read more

Filing a Natural Disaster Insurance Claim

Property owners often insure their property against losses due to natural disasters. If you are a property owner and you have an insurance policy for your property, you should be able to tell from the... Read more

Property Damage and No-Fault Car Insurance

Some states have "no-fault" auto insurance - also called "personal injury protection" or "PIP" - where the insurance company ("insurer") automatically pays, regardless of fault, for certain losses or ... Read more

Business Insurance

Purchasing property and liability insurance for your business can protect you from unforeseen disaster and make it easier to sleep at night. Property insurance covers damage to your property. Liabilit... Read more

Insurance Coverage for Personal Property

Your homeowner's or renter's insurance policy provides coverage for personal property that is owned or used by you or your family, no matter where it is located. However, the amount of coverage and wh... Read more

Credit Insurance for Outstanding Account Balances

In February 2009, the U.S. jobless rate reached 8.1%. This is the highest unemployment rate since 1983. Almost two million jobs have been lost in the last three months. You may be concerned about your... Read more

Types of Business Insurance You Might Need

Unless you prepare in advance by purchasing business insurance, certain risks could drive your small business into bankruptcy. The most important types of business insurance are property and liability... Read more

Flood Insurance: High Water Brings High Costs

Water is one of the most destructive forces of nature. Just a couple of inches can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home and belongings. Just think about how much damage a few feet of wate... Read more

Pain and Suffering Recovery from Homeowners or Renter's Insurance

When a disaster strikes you home, it does more than damage your house and possessions. A disaster can also take a mental and physical toll its victims. Not only might you have suffered physical injuri... Read more

Renter's Insurance

Tenants, or "renters," are open to the same risks and losses as property owners when property is damaged or destroyed by things like fire, or when it's lost because of theft. Property insurance can he... Read more

Homeowner's or Renter's Flood Insurance

Flood damage coverage is excluded from your homeowners' insurance policy. However, you can purchase flood insurance if your community participates in the Federal Flood Insurance Program. The federally... Read more

Wedding Insurance

With a wedding there comes a lot of chaos. You have to rely on a great many people to do their jobs in order for everything to happen as planned. With every vendor you hire and every extra person you ... Read more

Homeowner's Insurance

Homeowner's insurance, also called hazard insurance, is a type of property insurance that covers privately owned homes. It protects against loss of your home and its contents, loss of the use of your ... Read more

Homeowner's or Renter's Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake coverage is excluded from homeowners' policies and other property insurance policies. Although earthquake coverage can be purchased, it will be expensive. Even if a homeowner elects not to ... Read more

Laws May Require Property Owners to Remove Snow

If you live in a part of the country where it snows, you and your kids probably enjoy the sight of a fresh blanket of snow. Your kids get eager to sled or ice skate, and maybe even get a day off schoo... Read more

Homeowner's Insurance

Homeowner's Insurance isn't just a good idea, it's required unless you own your home outright. Although it might seem like an annoyance to constantly pay insurance premiums that you never make a claim... Read more

Insurance Coverage and Losses from Natural Phenomena

Some people think their homes are covered for damage caused by all naturally occurring events. You may be surprised when you check your policy. It may cover only damage caused by lightning, windstorms... Read more

Insurance Coverage and Exclusions for Earth Movement

If you mention earth movement in places like California, people instantly think of earthquakes. While this is a common form of earth movement, it is certainly not the only one. Unfortunately, most ins... Read more

Who Pays When a House Guest Damages Your Property?

Sometimes, things go wrong and a guest at your house damages something you own In the best case scenario, the guest agrees to pay for the damage If a guest refuses to pay, you ... Read more

Insurance Coverage and Exclusions for Named Perils

It's a good idea to read your insurance policy carefully. Make sure that things you want to specifically cover are included. If they aren't, talk to your broker and see what can be done to get you cov... Read more

Insurance Coverage and Replacement Costs

You just purchased a new house, and your insurer told you that the policy coverage amount will be far greater that the amount that you paid for the house. You want to know, "Why?" It's likely that you... Read more

Homeowner's or Renter's Hurricane or Tornado Insurance

Tornadoes are storms caused by wind tunnels that move swiftly across land. They can appear out or nowhere or can be seen for miles before they touch down causing hundreds, even millions of dollars in ... Read more

Disagreeing with an Adjuster on a Property Insurance Claim

When your home is destroyed your insurance company may pay the cost of rebuilding it. This cost can be much lower than the actual market value of the house. The opposite can also happen where an insur... Read more

Insurance Coverage and Exclusions for Faulty Workmanship

It pays to read your homeowner's or renter's insurance policy. Not only should you know what types of damage are excluded on your policy, but you should also know what can limit recovery for things th... Read more

Insurance Coverage for Loss of Use of Your Home

If you are forced to flee your home because of damage caused by fire, windstorm or some other covered peril or if you are ordered to evacuate your home, the loss of use coverage provides peace of mind... Read more

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